A good newsletter template is not only consisted of a good design, but also good sections to the newsletter interesting.

I spend a lot of time studying successful newsletters and collected a list of section ideas for your own newsletter. Then I thought the list would be helpful to other people who want to start their own newsletter.

I decided to share with you. Here are …

# 1 Contents

If the newsletter consisted of more than 3 sections, a table of contents will really help to Newsletter look professional and easy to read.

# 2 Editor & # 39; s Note:

Readers love to hear more about the personal views and life. They feel comfortable, know that they will be excited to read the newsletter.

This section is the best place to let your personality shine. Share your personal opinions, views, memories, and feelings here to establish a strong relationship with readers.

# 3 featured article:

This is the main part of the newsletter, you must provide a helpful article for subscribers. So & # 39; It s important to focus on quality content contained herein.

& # 39; Here is S useful next article discover 10 great ideas on how to come up with ideas following article that your readers will love it.

# 4 Guest article:

You can make your newsletter more valuable by publishing helpful articles on the other experts in the field.

It & # 39; It s very easy to find free quality articles on the Internet. I personally use and recommend EzineArticles.com. It & # 39; and a great resource to find tons of quality articles published in any of many different topics in the newsletter for free.

# 5 Google AdSense:

If you keep archive of your past newsletter issues on your website, you can easily make a nice profit from it only by adding Google AdSense ads issues on the Internet.

If you & # 39; not very familiar with AdSense, let me tell you that thousands of people make a living online through AdSense ads on their websites.

# 6 Ask the Editor:

I do not want readers to come to you, and gave a fantastic article ideas for future issues?

Well, this section gives you the chance to let your readers know to ask any questions you may have for our newsletter below.

Then you can select the most frequently asked questions, answer them in an article and publish it in future issues.

You can also make your newsletter & # 39; Interactive & # 39; which creates loyal readers.

# 7 Useful Product Review:

The readers will appreciate an "honest" review helpful product that will save them time and money.

So if you know and use the helpful related ebook, software, or website, why not share your opinion on them?

# 8 Quote of the Week / Month:

According to Wordtracker, over 17,500 people search for the "quotes" every day. This clearly shows how much people love quotes and words of wisdom.

Quotes inspire and motivate people to enjoy their lives and realize their dreams. So adding a quote to your every issue of the newsletter makes it more valuable.

# 9. Joke of the Week / Month:

Did you know that more than 48 500 people earn a "joke" every day?

share a joke with her on every issue, you can bring a smile to the reader & # 39; faces.

Sometimes people are tired of the daily chores and hard work, so they will embrace any fun break you give to their mind.

# 10 Recommended resources:

You certainly know some useful resources for the benefit of subscribers. So why not share a few useful resources in every issue.

The readers will appreciate your kindness the confidence and loyalty.

# 11 Reader & # 39; s Rating:

If you have quality content in your newsletter, you can always get great feedback from happy customers. Then one of them published in every issue.

# 12 Survey of the Week / Month:

Looking for ideas to improve your newsletter? Why not ask their readers about it? After all, they are the ones who know best.

also will be happy to share their opinions and suggestions with you. So ask!

# 13 the editor:

In order to win customers & # 39; trust and grow the relationship with them, you show them that & # 39; a real person – who, like those who want to e-mail and telephone.

provide the e-mail address, phone number, and even snail mail is a very effective way to get the confidence.

# 14 Unsubscribe Info:

This is one of the most important parts of the newsletter. Subscribers have the right to unsubscribe from your newsletter whenever they want.

And what & # 39; s more, if you are not interested in reading the newsletter anymore, what & # 39; and the use of sending it to them? They will not read anyway.

Thus, in order for them to unsubscribe respect.

# 15 How to Subscribe to:

Did you know that many people who read your newsletter is not current subscribers?

Yes, many people receive from friends, and decide whether you want to pay. So one can only Subscribe link at the bottom of all the problems to help them do it easily.

## ## Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it!

The newly discovered section 15 ideas included in the newsletter.

Of course, you do not have to include all of them in the newsletter. 5. You can use them or those that you like. It & # 39; It s entirely up to you.

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