In this article, I & # 39; I'm going to tell you exactly what I did in the first week, the first small Google AdWords ad campaign to $ 1,000 six days.

Most, like me. Have you heard of people making huge amounts of Google AdWords. Or heard of someone building a great website, marketing and raking in tens of thousands of dollars in passive income.

Before we get into this, let me assure you that I'm just an ordinary person who believes that if another Bozo can do this, I can do it. And to let you know that I & # 39; m honest, you can email me and ask for the phone number. I & # 39; ll talk in person and tell you what I did. Once I found the training and tools, the Internet has become a clam!

It & # 39; and we all have a dream – the dream of being able to live your life on your own terms. Who would not like to travel, spend more time with his family, and buy what they want, and you need not to worry about it.

I read and bought almost everything you could, a full three years. During this time, nickel has not made any online business.

Then I found an Online Money Makers Club. It changed my life!

So, here & # 39; and what it taught me, right out of the gate. I watched the first video – one of hundreds of video tutorials (all on one side, by the way), and the money began to pour in every day. I watch the Perfume Account page. My sales of $ 200 and $ 300 per day.

Here it is:

Step # 1

Open an account with Google AdWords, Clickbank, an autoresponder, website builder, which is also for sale domain names.

Be sure to force yourself to organized immediately. There is nothing worse than not able to find the user names and passwords when you need them. We have a Rolodex type of system, passwords, etc. I know that some people are not online Rolodex, which is even more effective.

They also start each campaign a filing system right away. Just go to the My Computer folder and develop a campaign product. Everything you generate will be saved as files that go into that folder. Become obsessed with your records. This will save you so much time later.

Step 2

More Perfume and select your product. You choose products that are more obscure, but large "gravity" – an overall indication of how good the product is not in affiliate marketing. Products such as making money online or weight loss is too much competition. These products are overloaded. Go for things like cure for the disease, or acne solutions or books on pets. Those kinds of people desperate response, but not flooded subsidiaries in these markets.

Because you already have a Clickbank account, you can create a "hoplink" which allows you to promote your product and make money. A hoplink is the identifier embedded in it. Do not forget to save your hoplink a file and put it in the folder. Labeled carefully to know exactly what it is, if you & # 39; going back to look for.

Research the product. Sometimes you have an affiliate site where you can download and save your images and text for your own use.

Step # 3

Go back to your web site builder and get a domain name. AdWords ads, I use a long, hyphenated names, because no one will need to remember the URL and recreate it. They're only going to click on AdWords ads. The nice thing about a longer domain names that all AdWords "allowed spaces" they use to facilitate the ad more visible. By the way, you do not choose a long domain names for your website more informative.

Build a one-page website using the images and text can be downloaded for choosing the affiliate product. dialogue on the page, place links to hoplink code that you saved earlier in the text. It is easier than you think. Suppose you are writing a paragraph describing the product, just select the appropriate words (such as acne products). While emphasizing there, go up the toolbar and you will see the signal interconnection. Often it looks like a genuine two chain links. Click the icon and you'll see a box where you can insert your Clickbank hoplink. Do not forget to save your work. Look for the "Save" button is probably in the top toolbar.

Step # 4

Go to your auto responder and developed the & # 39; and so-called "list". The list is really just an automatic campaign name, that you can do to opt-in pages and follow-up letters. Follow the instructions and create an opt-in form, and at least two follow-up letters.

Look for a free product, you can give away to anyone who subscribes to respond on the website.

Copy and paste the link opt-in form, given to you after you create a form and place it somewhere on the page of a website. I put mine at the bottom. But the top of the homepage (website) is said to be "scroll to the bottom to register for a free e-book" … something like that. The Club I owe a lot to promote the use of the product for free. You can attach the free product of the second follow-up letter, autoresponder you created.

After placing the opt-in form on the page, go ahead and launch the site. You should see a place in the top menu bar to launch the website.

At this point, probably thinking it's all too complicated. If you have questions or are confused, there & # 39; and an e-mail link on the home page.

However, if you & # 39; ve gotten so far that you have a website ready to promote your product.

Step # 5

The Google browser window, type in the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Click Keyword tool. When it comes up, type in the main block generating keywords. Well, let & # 39; s say you are promoting an eBook about curing acne. Make a "cure acne" field (the & # 39; s obvious when you see it), and then click Search. A list of appropriate keywords and phrases in com. Select the words and phrases you want to use by clicking the "Add" button in the phrase or word. To add a list of keywords. You will see a blue box with a few keywords. Those boxes indicate the level of competition. Try the "add" to the keywords that are not blue in them, or very low.

will want to start with 50-100 keywords. Scroll down to the bottom of the saved keywords and save the list as well as a document or spreadsheet is preferred.

Actually, I want to be both. Save documents. Remember to label them and put these files in a folder campaign.

Step # 6

Go to your AdWords account. Create a campaign named folder and name it the same way. Then more "ad groups" in one campaign. Each group is represented by a list of keywords that are very similar. Thus, one group is "Acne responses". Another group name to "cure skin problems". Will you highlight words keywords in the ad group (s). I love that about four groups within my campaign. I would also like to test two ads at a time within each group.

Now initiated within "Ad Group" is the first campaign. Create two ads using similar keywords. Your ads will be placed on hold until the approval. Make sure that both the campaign and ad group is set to "allow" when you're ready.

Step # 7

You will be asked to limit CPC and daily budget. You can learn all about keyword bidding and budget section of the AdWords Help Center.

Step # 8

Go back to the Google AdWords keyword tool. Delete the first list of selected keywords. It & # 39; s OK, because I remember the first list was saved. That is another keyword (or phrase) in the search box. You might put "teenage skin problems," and then look for. Follow the steps above. Except for those keywords. Back to Google AdWords, and create in an "ad group" is the first campaign.

Give yourself about two weeks to learn and watch the first campaign. Then, you start another campaign is an entirely different product Clickbank.

The best autoresponder AWeber opinion. Many website building sites. I & # 39; ve used Hostgator, GoDaddy and 1and1.

So that & # 39; s my story. It & # 39; It s really only one explanation how I learned to put together the first AdWords campaign. I & # 39; m pleased to say that the Internet has been happy because I found The Club!

Source by Christine C Strong

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