One of many main villains within the Halo sequence; Gravemind just isn’t a correct title, it’s a organic state that may solely catch the traces of the parasitic species of the Flood. In a way it’s the persona of the flood, the orphan and the persona of the regulator. The essential objective and objective of Gravemind is to eat all sentient types of life belonging to the galaxy. Just one single Gravemind matures earlier than the character that featured within the Halo occasions. The primary one was destroyed by the launch of the Halos by the mysterious selection often known as Forerunner.

The complexity of Gravemind's precise being can by no means be understood. It’s composed of 1000’s of useless our bodies of each enemies and their very own tents and a particularly clever mind. He’s the mind behind the Flood and he’s thought of to have the ability to manipulate Halo's teleportation system to hold objects.

An fascinating characteristic of Gravemind's speech is his poems; particularly makes use of the iambic pentameter for his verses. A few of his excellent speeches comply with an much more difficult metric type of trochaic heptameter. The phrases of the chief lieutenant, addressed to the grasp, are stuffed with paradoxes and mysteries. God and the Holy Father regard the Holocaust Regulation of the Ovarians.

Gravemind performs a way more necessary function in Halo three, the place they may see that they’re becoming a member of the human forces to beat the Prophet of Reality earlier than they’re betrayed. ]

When the chief succeeds in rescuing Cortana from his bonds and destroying the nice charity ship occupied by Gravemind, he succeeds in surviving the explosion and following them in self-importance. After that is unclear, Cortana remarks that she is attempting to reconstruct herself within the Halo Ring.

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