When I said I wanted to start an online game site my friend asked me if I wanted to sell Xbox games and Nintendo games. I laughed and told him not to. I asked, uncomprehending face will be a game site with little cost to play games of skill that he be remembered in the early 90 & # 39; s. I told him not to. I told him that I wanted to start an online gaming website where people can play against each other, and play new 3D graphics games. He also asked if I wanted to get paid for it. So here is the story of how I did it.

start online gambling site is not difficult. There are plenty of software that is already made for you ……. Prices vary. You should do your research to see if you want different functions. Also you can get a customized website, which I advise you to always, if you want to stand out among competitors. You can get done customizing Google.com, Elance.com, Readycoder.com and others. Now, if you want to make it a business to manage the game site, like a real business. You can get someone to install it, or pay $ 20 extra and get the company that bought it to install it. I can show you plenty of ways to do a lot of things are very cheap and free. But I say to the entrepreneur who wants to really, really well and get started fast. It will not take much to get started, but be prepared to spend some money to make some profit.

Now I know you guys are thinking, well how do you get money. There are ways to get paid game site. There are advertisements. The best known is the Google AdSense. You can sign up for free, and Google is not to get technical, you can send the robot spiders is to look at the website and determines what types of ads should be placed. There are also independent advertising companies, where they can make pop-up ads or tracks on the site to make money. Also, if you use Mochi Ads, you can make money from advertising networks. The fact that a work Mochi Ads that when loading a game on the website of the trade will play automatically. You can also sell your links to your website. If you start getting a lot of traffic, people will want to link to you. You can sell links if you also want to make some revenue. And of course you can sell your own ad space by submitting to places like Craigslist, toy libraries and so on. You may also be advertising partners, where to get money if you buy the product of your website. With these sources of income coming in every month consistently while you are sleeping, you & # 39; ll only be a fool not to try to start their own gaming business. Yes there is a lot of competition, but there is more money than the competition. So why not get the cake?

The key to getting all this traffic. You can get traffic banner ads, Google AdWords, social media and more. I & # 39; ve looked into advertising to MySpace and Facebook, which is very well, because nobody thought of advertising. So the so-called competition does not exist.

I hope this information will help you with some inspiration and ideas on how to make money online doing something you love and play what you want. Good luck and never stop!

Source by Troy Wooten

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