When you study to study to have a much bigger penis naturally, this text is a good approach for you. This method known as PC Flex and is often achieved with Jelqing. Nevertheless, this text focuses totally on PC Flex.

Conventional Jelqing approach has been used for tons of of years to extend penis size. PC Flex is a quite simple approach that anybody can do and I perceive ALL (besides women haha). The PC muscle is mainly the ejaculatory management muscle and the pump when it ejaculates. Between the anus and the scrotum.

By boosting the PC muscle, you possibly can see a tougher erection, higher stamina, wholesome prostate and extra orgasm. not solely longer penises, but additionally thicker ones, which provides ladies essentially the most enjoyment. What You Have to Do:

1. Squeeze the muscular tissues of your PC (the anus will stretch if it's proper)

2. Launch and repeat.

That's roughly that. When compressing, ensure you maintain it for Three-5 seconds after which launch it. This must be thought of as 1 rep. This must be achieved 10 occasions while you begin and can improve later this week. Like a whole lot of exercises, ensure you therapeutic massage your penis. The purpose is to get between 100-400 repetitions, which ends up in a really sturdy PC muscle and an animal within the bed room.

If you’re properly, you possibly can add weight (not with dumbbells), giving a lightweight towel and doing this beautiful onerous work and doing a fast enchancment (sadly not the following day).

Supply by Peter S Edwards

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