Go to the New World Quest


Fundamental Stage: 70

Merchandise (s): 300 Jellopy, 1 Emerald, 1 Ruby

Searching: 50 spheres

Fundamental Expertise: 1.320.000

Work expertise: 420,000

Cargo Charge: Entry to the New World

1. Speak to the Courageous Registrar at Prontera Fort (prt_castle 83, 67). Inform him you have an interest in your mission, which is searching for a "particular place". Then he asks you to go to the promotional employees at Aldebaran

. Speak to Aldebaran's promotional employees (aldebaran 127, 138). Like a take a look at, he asks you to deliver 300 Jellops. Following the supply of Jellopy, you’ll be requested to go to a member of a promotional employees at Geffen

three. Speak to the employees in Geffen (geffen 90, 67). He asks you to take a Emerald. After switching on, he asks you to get a Ruby. Convey her the Ruby and ship him to speak to the following co-worker within the Izlude. Communicate to the worker in Izlude (izlude 99, 136). He tells you that you just've gone by the assessments and you’re speaking to Rekterer once more with the Prontera Fort

. Return to Recruiter who says you're able to discover Ash-Vacuum, which is a totally totally different place from Rune Midgard. He says you go to Lighthalzen to join the United Midgard Alliance.

* Get 660,000 Base EXPs

* Obtain 210,000 jobs EXP

6. In Lighthalzen go to Rekenber HQ (lighthalzen 101, 246) and speak to the guards upstairs (lhz_in01 124, 234) who proclaims the registration. Speak to Sikaiz within the lobby of the room who speaks:

eight. After Sikaiz completes the lecture, speak to him and inform about Ash Vaccum and Devil Morroc's Gateway

9. Speak to him once more, and asks you to let Rune Midgards Alliance Director know they’re prepared to go away.

10. On the Prontera Fort (prt_castle 121, 51), the Alliance supervisor discusses how the dominion feels in regards to the upcoming expedition. Return to Lighthouse Sikaiz, who tells you the Three Kingdom Alliance and his assistant, Munkenro. Munkenro interrupts the dialog and asks you to ship a message to Rachel's Covenant Supervisor.

12. Discover the Arunafeltz Alliance Supervisor outdoors the temple (119, 113) and report your standing.

13. Return to Sikaiz, who registers and sends you to speak to a number of the officers to allow them to know. Go to the banquet corridor (147, 179) and speak to them, however for the primary time you hearken to them ignoring the peace and taking up for their very own management

. Get again upstairs, however the guards is not going to allow you to down. Stroll (148, 257), the place you possibly can hear Munkenro speak to somebody

. Communicate to the guard earlier than the lecture corridor (lhz_in01 130, 231). Ask to teleport instantly to the Morroc Subject 20 (Continental Guard Quarantine) and speak to Rift Guard (moc_fild20 349, 179). You’ll take the Dimensional Gorge.

16. Go to the center of the precise aspect of the map till you attain Munkenro (moc_fild22b 230, 197). He says Sikaiz is "retired," and now he’s the chief of the alliance. It additionally requires one other take a look at to beat, defeating 50 Crafts.

17. After you move the take a look at, speak to Munkenro once more, who will ship it to Ash-Vacuum.

* Get 660,000 Base EXPs

* Receives EXP 210,000 Workstations

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