This can be a Starcraft 2 technique for Terran in dealing with rushes.

Terran is weak to the frenzy as a result of its former items are fragile. This flip is the way in which to rock your ramp.

Early turmoil and revolt are probably the most widespread items. For those who shouldn’t have a wall, you probably did a number of issues. A wall and a few Marines behind the wall, the Zerglings and Zealots, are defensive.

The true technique is to guard the later rush. In an effort to defend your later rush, you want to know what the builder of the enemy is. This will solely be accomplished by reconnaissance (or in case your opponent tells you what he’s constructing). Ship a SCV for the invention. One other helpful approach to know your opponent's transfer is to make use of the Xel & # 39; naga tower that reveals a lot of the map. Figuring out what your opponent might be the suitable instruments to guard the wall and assault the assaults.

Listed here are some examples of what works in counters.

  • Marauders, Hells and Banshees work properly in opposition to the Zealots.
  • Which inserts properly in opposition to the Sentries: Reapers, Hellions, Siege Tanks.
  • Combating in opposition to Roaches is Marauders, Siege Tanks and Banshees.
  • Marines work in opposition to reapers, hells and siege bosses.
  • You wish to use Marauders in opposition to marines or Banshees.
  • The Devils are used in opposition to Hydralisks []

Terran's participant is an enemy's assault, as Terran is ineffective to battle items for him.

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