Life is not governed by laws, principles or theories. It follows that any business to do in life should be done in accordance with such cases be established and the laws of nature, if you sincerely want to be successful.

The internet marketing, like any other business, theories abound. The first theory in this connection, the so-called theory of speed. This theory states that you need to consider how quickly your product or service is produced or transported compared to your competitors & # 39;. This theory is very important for the management of software development. Software is often expected to run fast.

As a matter of fact, if the delivery of products and services faster than competitors & # 39; their own people prefer the same niche products and services that competitors & # 39;. So you should, as a matter of necessity, so the theory of speed when involving themselves in all areas of internet marketing.

The second theory known as the theory of the cost. Dear Mr. Internet Marketer, cost-efficiency of a product or service will make a very important determinant of educational internet marketing. Believe me, people like the cheap products no matter how they pretend. So you need to try as much as possible to make products and services that "cheaper" than the rivals & # 39; own. My advice is to look at the price of competitors & # 39; products and services in order to maintain reasonable prices. Strive as much as possible to have a better price.

Third, the theory of quality. Think of delivering inferior products to the customer? You also need to think about becoming a failure in your chosen niche. If you ask me, the failure rate of 99.9 percent; This can mean that most likely fail worse just selling products or services concerned inferior. The products and services are of very high quality, if we really expected a very high amount – you can only reap what we sow. Only thieves, criminals known to buy what you do not deserve. Let me warn you before to lose, even in the poorest of all people, such as high-quality products and services – in spite of poverty.

Source by Edeh Chijioke

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