Both banner ads and pay-per-click effective method of marketing on the internet, in this article I will point out the differences between the two forms of marketing .

First banner ads, billboard ads are similar to those seen by the roadside is not available. They have an advantage over traditional billboard ads, there is the ability to track the number of people who are interested in the number of ad clicks on your ad.

This has the advantage in most types of marketing on the Internet, banner ads and benefit from this as well. It can also be seen as a direct method of marketing because the prospect can take immediate action when you click on the ad.

Banner ads are usually placed on websites, they are usually on the top of a page or website, they called skyscraper ads. Banner ads rely on the traffic to a website that attracts targeted prospects and a banner ad on the home page it on the market, the better the result.

On the other hand, there is pay-per-click ads, these ads triggered by search typing in the keyword in a search. The ad tag is only based on what you type into the search box. The big difference is the banner ads and pay-per-click ads is the fact that the pay-per-click advertising are able to more tightly targeted, because you can choose when the ad is served based on the keywords you entered in the search.

Source by Tayo Binuyo

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