According to the Law of Attraction, we know everything is made of energy. Thoughts are energy. This creates an invisible force that is in our heads. The testing of this concept is called Mind Power.

The idea that the mind generates will affect not only their own lives but also those around us. What affects people's physical reality of our thoughts. The Law of Attraction clearly says everything that can happen, happens because we are attracted to. The law rules

Like attracts like one attraction. The term attractive similar similar, well-known and mentioned secret. The secret is the best guide for those that wants to be the law of attraction.

The term like attracts like this one hundred percent correct. This proves that the law of attraction work and keep working on our Universe. One example we can prove is like attracts like, we see that people are attracted to certain kinds of thoughts of people of the same kind of thoughts. In fact, the law of attraction will make them get along with each other. This makes them of understanding each other. The law of attraction is the wisest quotations to reflect this has Anais Nin. Anains Nin said he does not see things as they are; we see them as we are.

The law of attraction rule like attracts you to people like each other. Good people are good people shown. Spiritual between the spiritual man is shown. If you are a good person enters the wrong group of people, and soon you feel uncomfortable and will seek a way out. Every idea has a meaning. The law of attraction only allows you to use the same frequency attract each other. On the opposite spectrum due to the opposite result.

The Law of Attraction (like attracts like) operates non-stop and it attracts the things that we entertain most of our minds, consciously and unconsciously . Our goal is to recognize and utilize the law of attraction to our benefit. You need to understand the rules that comes with it, like attracts like, for example. Only then we can begin to create the reality that we want to experience.

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