The first thing that you need to make sure the scope of activities to do with software development. The software development management information systems development in the entire process to solve problems.

The software systems have grown more sophisticated and complex, software developers are looking for new ways of their development. The answer to this demand software development. Software engineering is still rapidly changing and maturing.

Usually, when someone says that to write a program, someone told him what to do and why the program; The programmer only how to write. As a software engineer, but we will be the ones affected by what they do and why. Software development includes the full range of activities having to do with problem solving – to help the customer define the problem or opportunity to evaluate the client & # 39; and satisfied with the solution.

developing a software system may require writing a whole collection of programs to tell machines what to do, writing procedures to tell people what to do and training, so that people understand how to do it. you can convert the data from an old system needed to be so that a new system, hire people and acquire machines to run the programs, and will be located where machines and people do their work. What we are building a system that more cooperating parts. Such an endeavor requires patience and flexibility. We will fix the system if it does not do what's expected, or the customer may request to change the system because he wants to do something else not previously intended.

programming can not be more than 20 per cent of the full range of software development, as well as the fraction of the effort programming can be expected to throw an improved methodology used in developing software systems. As time goes on, more and more of our effort goes to managing the entire process and less on programming.

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